Sunday, December 23, 2007

AMIR - SANJIDA - winner of Nach baliye 3

Amir Ali - Sanjida Sheikh is the winner of Nach Baliye 3!! Starting as the underdog in the show, the cute couple finally emerged as the winner defeating the hot favorite Rakhi Abhisek jodi. Salman Khan was the star guest of the Grand finale of Nach Baliye 3. Poor Salman! He has been suffering from laryngitis and looked quiet unwell.

Nevertheless, the final of Nach Baliye season three was quiet entertaining one with lots of awards and comedy. Let's watch the videos.

Nach baliye 3 videos- Grand Finale

For Amir-Sanjida's interview after getting the trophy click here.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Final countdown begins!

The final countdown of Nach Baliye 3 begins! Today (Dec 22) till 9.45 pm, one can vote for the finalists Amir Ali -Sanjida and Rakhi Sawant- Abhsishek. Today is the Grand Finale of the Nach baliye third season, but yesterday the choreographer award was already given and Arun-Chetan won the chance to work in David Dhawan's film. Let's watch the Nach Baliye 3 videos of 21st Dec.



Amir Ali made a grand birthday bash for Sanjida just before the finals. For more info, click here.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nach Baliye 3 videos - 14 & 15 Dec

This week, there has been lot of drama on the sets of Nach Baliye 3 for Rakhi's wardrobe malfunction. Her dress was falling overwhile dancing and to manage it Rakhi hold her dress and finished her performance. The song was again shot and it was the second shoot that was shown in the episode. Wardrobe malfunction is not new on the sets of dance shows as in Jhalak Dikhla Ja there Bindi, the choreographer of Jay Bhanushali just managed to prevent her dress from sliding down while dancing. Let's watch the videos of Nach baliye 3 of 14 and 15 Dec

14 Dec videos Nach Baliye 3

15 Dec videos Nach Baliye 3

Enjoy! Don't forget to watch the Grand finale on 23 rd Dec., next week
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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Videos of Nach baliye 3 - 7 &8 DEc

This week, on Friday, the contestants dance without their partners in Nachbaliye 3. While Rakhi and Abhisek, individually scored perfect marks with their choreographer taking away the choreographer of the day award. On Saturday the theme was Children's song and the choreographer of Rakhi-abhisek went on to win the accolades from the jusges.

Videos of 7th Dec, Nach baliye 3 - solo round


Videos of 8th dec Nach baliye 3 - "Children song" theme round

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Nach Baliye 3 Madhuri Videos- 30th Nov, 1st Dec

This week in Nach baliye 3 it was the Madhuri special episode where the queen of Bollywood Madhuri was on the jusge's seat. The Nach Baliye jodis Karan-AMita, Rakhi-Abhisek, Barkha-Indraneil, Krushna-Kashmira and Amir-Sanjida did their best to win the Mahabardan of Madhuri in the form of Nataraj idol. It was Amir-Sanjeeda who mesmerised everyone with their performance that even Madhuri said that she could see herself in Sanjeeda. :)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Videos of 24th Nov- Nach baliye 3

Priyanka Chopra came to Nach baliye 3 appeal for vote for Amir Sanjeeda; Gauri Tonk , Urbashi Dholakia and Gauri Pradhan came for the vote appeals of other contestants. Karishma Tanna ultimately got her Baliye ...of course onscreen Baliye on Talaash e Baliye and many more.

Videos of 24th Nov, Nach baliye 3

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nach baliye 3- Videos of Nov 23

This week , on Nach baliye 3, the lady with the sunshine smile came, saw and won the hearts of everyone.Yes, I am talking about the one and only Madhuri Dixit.
She came at the last part of the show Nach baliye in a special car and had a good time. The star guests were Konkona Sensharma and Kunal Kapoor.The 11th jodi Indraneil and Barkha joined the show from this week and gave their first peroformance.

Videos of 23rd November, Nach Baliye 3


The talasshe baliye will end on Saturday where three contestants, after rounds of auditions, will show their talent in the show. And the winner will be Yatharth Agnihotri who will take the trophy and the chance the shake legs with Karishma Tanna in the Grand Finale.

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